May 2015 Majorie Rosenberg


For this year's Spring seminar/workshop MATEFL were delighted to welcome
leading EFL author and personality Marjorie Rosenberg. Marjorie teaches
general and business English at the University of Graz, Austria, works with
corporate clients and trains teachers. She is
the author of Spotlight on Learning
, Delta Publishing, In Business and Business Advantage Personal Study
Books for Intermediate and Advanced
, Cambridge University Press.  Marjorie
is the IATEFL President and former IATEFL BESIG Coordinator and member
of the Membership Committee.

The Seminar, held at the Malta University Residence, Robert Mifsud Bonnici
Street, Lija, was very well attended by more than 110 members who had the
opportunity to discover what kind of learner they are and try out several activities
appropriate for the different learner types.

FIRST SESSION – Working with different learner types

Have you ever wondered about what makes your students tick? Part of the secret may well be their individual learning styles
and preferences. This workshop will begin with background information on styles in general and give you the chance to find
out about your own learner preferences, how these affect your teaching style and provide information on characteristics
of learners as well as learner strategies and coping mechanisms. The goal of the workshop is to raise awareness among
teachers and to provide the opportunity to experience a new approach to language learning both for themselves and those
they teach.

SECOND SESSION  - Activities for a wide range of learner types

In this session, we will try out a number of activities which have been designed specifically with different learner types in mind.
Participants will find out about the importance of first ‘harmonising’ with learners and then challenging them by creating ways
for them to stretch out of their preferred styles. There will be time for reflection on the activities as well as discussion about
adapting them to different groups or age levels and how they can be implemented in the classroom. Come along to find out
how you can appeal to a wide variety of learners to make learning effective and fun!

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