For this year's Spring seminar/workshop MATEFL was delighted to welcome
leading EFL author and personality Antonia Clare. Antonia
is a teacher trainer,
conference speaker and writer.  Her special interests include the use of video and new
technologies in ELT, creativity and the psychology of language learning.  She has taught
and trained in many countries around the world, and co-authored coursebook titles
including Total English and Speakout.

The Seminar was held at Old Humanities Block ALT - Pietru Pawl Saydon Hall,
University of Malta, Tal-Qroqq and was very well attended.

First session - 09:00 – 10:30

Creativity in ELT: ideas for developing creative thinking

Creativity is often cited as one of the 21st Century skills we need to be teaching our students.  But why is
creativity so important in language classrooms?  And what exactly do we mean by creative thinking skills?  
This session willlook at how we can nurture a culture of creativity in our classrooms.  We will demonstrate
practical ideas for exploitingimages, video, poetry and online tools, and explore the use of frameworks to
encourage learners to actively and creatively engage in the learning process.

Break - 10.30 - 11.15

Second Session -  11:15 – 12:45

The Joy of Listening

Our ability to listen and understand is now widely considered to be the foundation of language acquisition
and communicativeability. But in the classroom listening can be a rather torturous process, often leaving
learners confused and demotivated. This session will look at practical ways to engage students in active
listening tasks which aim to bring some of the joy back to the listening process.