This year's end of season seminar/workshop was held at Ace Engish Malta, Level 4, Bay Street Complex
on Saturday 25th November 2017. It was very well attended by almost 150 members.  All session received
very positive feedback from those who attended.

FIRST SESSION (Choose one on a first-come-first-served basis)

lan Marsh: Ways with Words

In this session, Alan reveals some interesting facts about words in English and then proceeds to demonstrate a medley
of stimulating, motivating and creative techniques to help learners notice, store and recall vocabulary.

Amanda Vassallo: Sight Reading Skills (repeat session from 2017 ELT Conference)

This workshop is an introduction to new techniques for speed reading that not only help consume more of the written word,
up to three times as fast, but which also help you understand and recall more of what you read.

Ian Scerri: How to get hired as a 21st- century teacher (repeat session from 2017 ELT Conference)

Looking through the eyes of a seasoned DOS and Teacher Trainer, we take a look at the different traits top hiring managers
in ELT look for when hiring a modern teacher and why, as well as how we can present and package ourselves as THE candidate
to hire. In this practical workshop, we will explore ways to help ELT teachers maximise their employability and earning potential.

Jean Theuma: Planning and delivering courses for English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

How do we create a course when the student has a specific type of English in mind, such as Medical English or Engineering
English? These students come with a particular need because the language relates to their present or future job. We will
investigate how much of an expert you have to be in their field, how to find out exactly what they want, and how to make sure
they go away satisfied.

Pam Borg: Taking back control of technology in the EFL classroom (repeat session from 2017 ELT Conference)

Let’s make technology your friend and not your foe, with ideas on some user-friendly online applications to include in a 21st
century teacher’s digital toolkit: these simple apps can promote collaborative learning and creativity both inside and outside t
he classroom.

SECOND SESSION (Choose one on a first-come-first-served basis)

 Jean Sciberras: I will survive yeah yeah

We all love workshops on songs but … how many of the wonderful multitude of ideas do we actually remember? Jean’s session
will be different in that it will only exploit ONE song but demonstrate how it can be used to develop all four skills and subskills.
Et voila’: you will have an instant 90-minute lesson that you and your students won’t forget.

Justyna Rogers: Project-based learning: What, How and Why? (repeat session from 2017 ELT Conference)

Already well-established in mainstream education, Project-Based Learning is becoming increasingly popular in EFL schools.
In this workshop, Justyna will briefly explain what PBL is, its benefits, and how to set up a project-based lesson. She will also
introduce some interactive tools which can be used to create projects and brainstorm some example ideas to use with the tools.

Karin Grech: Art in the EFL Classroom

As a response to a growing interest in art tourism, Karin has created “Art”-themed materials for her EFL classes and in this
workshop she shares some of them. These include a creative introduction activity for all levels and hours of material for
higher-level learners.

Kevin Spiteri: Virtual Reality: a 21st century tool for 21st century skills (repeat session from 2017 ELT Conference)

The session will introduce participants to the possibilities related to using Virtual Reality (VR) for education purposes. VR tears
down the walls of the classroom and immerses its user within a world that looks, sounds and feels as real as it gets without actually
being within a particular context.

Matt Done: When lexis meets grammar

While we often teach lexis and grammar separately, the truth is that they are intimately related. This session will offer practical
ideas on how to highlight this reality to students, and hopefully, give an overall boost to their ability to use both correctly!