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ELT Council

    - information on English language Examination including past papers

    - information and application /renewal forms for EFL Permit

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Information relating to Academic staff:
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FELTOM - Federation of English Language Teaching Organisations Malta

The following sites contain a variety of worksheets, exercises, activities, lesson plans and much more (Loads of free worksheets on all kinds of topics and language items.)
 (primarily for students but there are plenty of very userful pages on expressions, phrases , idioms etc.) of - hundreds of free EFL teaching resources to help you teach all the core skills that are associated with language learning: speaking, listening, reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar as well as specialized categories such as Business English.
  (ESL worksheets and vocabulary lessons for intermediate and advanced levels. Exercises on idioms, phrasal verbs and collocations.) - a collection of video clips that students can listen to, listen and read the tapescript, then discuss and answer questions.  (Very user friendly site - full of worksheets and lessons plans)
(Brilliant site - loads of teaching ideas, complete lessons and activities for all levels)
(lessons based on topical events)  (ESL Quizzes, Lesson Plans, Activities and More) (you need to subscribe but worth it) (loads of great free worksheets and lesson plans)


 (juniors)  (discussion topics)

http:// (free grammar & vocabulary exercises,  worksheets and much more)
(free worksheets and handouts) 
(free business English exercises on all business topics)
(Online vocabulary lessons (with audio) for intermediate and advanced ESL learners. Exercises on idioms, phrasal verbs and collocations. Student/teacher blog and worksheets.)    

Specialised sites short animated videos illustrating various language items - ideal for lower levels (a free advisory website about TEFL and TESOL - its course programs,
certification processes, and the professional opportunities that goes with it.) (turns text into authentic looking newspaper clippings) 
(create comic strips with your own captions and dialogue) 
(create your own crossword puzzles)  
(create your own crossword puzzles) 
(create mindmaps for vocabulary, writing plans etc.) 
(especially for kids) 
(great listening lessons. You need to subscribe to get the worksheets, but worth it.)  
(Dictionary of English slang)   (listening including songs)

Glossaries of Grammar & EFL terms


Idioms - 

Pronunciation - 

Exercises - 

Punctuation  -

Military English - 

Quizes -

Using comic strips -

Review & comparison of language learning software - 

Teaching Children  (especially for kids)  (printable worksheets)
  (clipart) (flash cards)

Jobs & information


Sites for students
 Grammar Links for ESL Students
 - focuses on spoken English
Summer boarding courses in the UK for children from 8 to 16. (pronunciation)

Translation sites

Translation Resources

Listening sites for students