Sponsorship of IATEFL Annual Conferences


MATEFL offers sponsorship of up to  €500 (five hundred Euro) towards the costs of going to an IATEFL conference. 


The scheme has been set up to sponsor one or more members.  Should there be more than one applicant accepted, the €500 (five hundred Euro) will be
shared among the successful applicants. The sponsorship will be paid after the conference has been held.  The sponsorship is open to MATEFL members
only and the following regulations apply:


·      Candidates have to have been a MATEFL member for a minimum of 12 months preceding the date of application.

·      Candidates should have been active in EFL within the last 12 months from the date of application. Supporting evidence must be     produced upon


·      Candidates must be an IATEFL member.

·      Beneficiaries will receive sponsorship from MATEFL amounting to a maximum of 500 Euro.  Should there be more than one Beneficiary in any given year,

     the sponsorship will be shared equally between the Beneficiaries.

·      Every three years MATEFL has to be represented at Associates Day, which is held the day before the opening of the conference. The Beneficiary or a 

     selected Beneficiary attending the conference in a year when MATEFL has to be represented at Associates Day will be expected to represent MATEFL

     and will receive a further sponsorship of 150 Euro to cover the incurring of expenses for the extra day.

·      Beneficiaries must produce an IATEFL Certificate of Attendance in order to claim sponsorship.

·      Within 12 months of the IATEFL Annual Conference, Beneficiaries must give a session for MATEFL members at one of the MATEFL workshops based

     on the IATEFL sessions that they attended.



Interested candidates please download the application form
and send the signed and completed form together with supporting documents to the following address by no later than 15th January:

P.O. Box 2,


MATEFL Committee