May 2011 - Andrew Walkely

On Saturday 7th May 2011 Andrew Walkley led two workshops entitled 'In the wrong level' and 'Better Listening Outcomes'.  The workshops were held at IELS in Sliema and was attended by around 70 members.
Andrew Walkley.

Andrew Walkley teaches EFL and EAP and is also a teacher trainer and writer. For the last 12 years he has worked for the University of Westminster. He is co-author of both the Innovations and Outcomes series, as well as Teaching Lexically, the online teacher training course, all written with Hugh Dellar.
Workshop 1
In the wrong level
This practical talk discusses reasons why teachers and students complain about students not being the right level. With reference to different descriptions and exams of level, I will question whether coursebooks genuinely meet the needs of these grades and how teachers may on occasions make matters worse. I will then look at aspects of teacher development and give some practical suggestions as to how teachers can provide for different levels in one class. 
Workshop 2
Better Listening Outcomes
How can we help students improve listening skills? Is students' failure to listen the problem or is it an inability to hear? What texts do students need to hear? With some anecdotes and experiments I try to answer these questions.  I'll present some practical tasks applicable to any listening class, illustrated with my own material.