In the last issue we spoke about ‘SIGS’ and focused on BESIG (business English SIG).  We continue this series with a focus on the Learner Autonomy SIG (LASIG)

What are ‘SIGS’?

IATEFL's Special Interest Groups (SIGs) focus on individual areas of TEFL. There are 14 SIGS which play a major role in the association's activities. They are a "must" for any teacher who wishes to keep up to date with latest developments and ideas in the specialist area they are interested in.

Members of IATEFL may take out a membership in the SIG of their special interest.

The Learner Autonomy Special Interest Group

The IATEFL Learner Autonomy SIG was for many years called the Learner Independence SIG. The Learner Independence SIG was formed in 1986 by a small group of devotees, with Vic Richardson as its Coordinator.

The Learner Autonomy SIG is one of 14 IATEFL Special Interest Groups. It is for teachers, learning advisors and teacher educators who are interested in autonomy in language learning and all that it implies.


What are the aims?

  • to raise awareness among language teachers and researchers of issues related to autonomy in language learning
  • to explore and investigate practices and strategies for the implementation and development of autonomy
  • to provide a forum for discussion of these ideas through publications and events
  • to offer opportunities to network globally and cross-culturally
  • to organize study tours, courses, seminars, events and exhibitions world-wide

What areas are covered?

Members and supporters have a range of interests and expertise, including:

  • learner differences
  • motivation
  • self-esteem
  • learning styles and learning strategies
  • teacher and institutional preparation and development for autonomy
  • bi-culturalism and cultural diversity
  • use of technologies and multi-media to promote autonomy
  • setting up and development of SACs and ILCs
  • materials production for autonomy
  • reflection, peer- and self-evaluation, peer- and self- assessment
  • teacher training, pedagogy and education for autonomy
If you want more information or if you would like to become an IATEFL/SIG member, please contact Jean Theuma, MATEFL’s  IATEFL liaison Officer: jeantheuma@hotmail.com