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Here in MATEFL our main aims include linking up with each other, sharing ideas and experiences, and discussing EFL issues. In doing so we create and maintain a feeling that we belong to a professional teaching network. However, though we are extremely active and number over 150 current members, we also need to look outwards towards what is happening in international EFL. MATEFL is an Associate Member of IATEFL and as such is able to offer all its members the opportunity to become an IATEFL member for only €25.00 and SIG for €20.00.

How would you benefit? Read this message from Tessa Woodward (IATEFL president 2005 - 2007) It’s an extract from the IATEFL website www.iatefl.org 


IATEFL's Mission & Vision

IATEFL is the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language. Founded in the UK in 1967, it now has over 3,500 members in 100 different countries throughout the world.

The current wisdom about organisations, whether they be charities like IATEFL or other kinds of business or educational institution, is that the leaders should have a "Vision" or Plan or Path for the future. If all the people helping to run the organisation can agree about beliefs and goals and a sense of mission, then, the thinking goes, people will feel congruent and inspired to act well and decisions will be easier to make since there is a strong feeling for what is a priority. If you are an IATEFL member, you may well know that Peter Grundy, our Past President, asked a group of IATEFL friendly folk to form a 'think tank' to meet in Graz in the spring of 2005. The IATEFL Co-ordinating Committee also gave itself the luxury of a full day to talk about 'visions for IATEFL' at a meeting in June, 2005.

We took the topic a little tongue-in-cheek, for you can't believe all you read in management literature, but we nevertheless did come up with drawings, metaphors, lists, and lots of discussion on what would be a good set of beliefs for IATEFL for the future. The idea, when working on "visions for the future" is to come up with WHAT you hope to achieve and the WHEN you hope to achieve it by but to leave the HOW to a bit later on!

Coming up with the discussion and ideas was easy but getting them simmered down into one catchy or pithy statement (which the gurus say is the next step) proved quite a challenge! This is what we have come up with so far...

"By 2010, IATEFL will be an even larger and more outward-looking, international community that ELT professionals will want to join, and one that forms bridges between the inexperienced and experienced, the practical and the theoretical, and the many different perspectives and contexts of the ELT world."

So now we are at the stage of airing the statement, sharing it with others and starting work on the HOW part too! We hope to come up with many more specific and practical ideas for the implementation of the statement over the next few months!

All good wishes

Tessa Woodward

President IATEFL 2005-2007



Interested? Then print the IATEFL Membership Application form, fill it in and send it to Richard Twigg, 32, Carmel Street, Sliema with your cheque for €25.00 (plus €20.00 for each SIG you choose).  We will then forward your form to IATEFL. Please note that this offer is only available if you apply through MATEFL. The IATEFL Basic Membership for current members of MATEFL is GBP19.00 and GBP14.00 for a SIGs to which we have added a small sum for administration and postage charges. If you wish to apply directly to IATEFL for membership, the fee will be GBP40.00. So take advantage of this very advantageous offer. For any further information please contact Richard or myself. 

Alan Marsh

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