The seminar was held on Saturday, 24th June 2006 at IELS, Mattew Pulis Street, Sliema BOOKS PLUS (Audio Visual Centre) put on a book display during the break. 


* denotes the first time this workshop was given for MATEFL


First session: 

Warmers, Fillers and Coolers – Jean Scibberas*

Have you ever wished you could wake your students up, felt the need to change the pace of your lesson or had 5 minutes to spare? In this session, Jean will present some activities which you can use to warm your students up at the beginning of a lesson, cool ‘em down and at the end and fill in those short gaps, in useful and productive ways.


Whizz Bang Summer Grammar Cocktail - Alan Marsh*

Summer is upon us and if you’re teaching grammar the challenge is how to keep your learners motivated, challenged, engaged - and happy. This whizz-bang cocktail offers some activities and techniques to keep you and your learners going; and as a canapé, there might be some food for thought on offer, too.


Dealing with Dyslexia - Margaret Naudi Griffiths* 

Come along to this interactive session with all your concerns and questions about how to deal with dyslexic students, which Margaret will answer in as much depth as possible providing us with tips and appropriate strategies. She will also look at recognising dyslexia, as although some students will know they are dyslexic and tell us, others may not want to say and others may not even be aware themselves. 


The Chemistry of Words - Why “wet wine” won’t wash…… - Sandra Attard Montalto*

A + dry + wine = a dry wine BUT a + wet + wine = NO REACTION Ever had to explain to students that certain combinations don’t collocate? That there’s no chemistry between certain words? Sandra will be taking a look at how to teach students collocations and how to help them develop learner autonomy in this area. 


Second session:

Using Stories – Angie Conti*

In this session we will look at using stories and short texts as a motivating way to stimulate use of vocabulary and generate conversation. We will look at ideas which are popular with teenage and adult students alike, and offer teachers a way to maximise student involvement covering the four skills.


Music and Songs – Julia Pearson* 

Everyone enjoys music and song. Music stimulates the imagination and song lyrics provide an endless supply of real language. In this session we will be trying out ways of taking advantage of this ample source of material to stimulate conversation and practice language and language skills. 


Lightening Up Exam Classes - Alan Marsh

Why are there seldom any fun activities in exam coursebooks? Don’t we learn better if we’re also enjoying it? Does a serious exam course have to be dry and boring? In this session Alan will demonstrate (and get you to participate in) several techniques that can be applied to examination courses to bring them to life. Some of these are his own tried and tested ideas, and others were picked up from the recent IATEFL 2006 conference in Harrogate, UK. All the ideas can of course equally be applied to General English courses. 


Using Projects in the Teenage Classroom – How to capture interest and keep it! – Jeanette Theuma

Have you ever wondered how to get your class of teenagers truly involved in language learning? In this session Jean will be looking at using Project Work to stimulate students and get them to produce language in context which they see as REAL and USEFUL. She will be providing practical tips and ideas for setting up projects and running them. An extremely useful session for anyone who's had to deal with bored teenagers!

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