Lindsay Clandfieldis a teacher, teacher trainer and author based in Spain. He is one of the authors of Macmillan’s new course for adults Straightforward and is a main contributor to the site for teachers Onestopenglish


This year we once again joined forces with Macmillan Publishers and Audio Visual Ltd to bring over a 'foreign' speaker: Lindsay Clandfield.  The seminar was held on Saturday 1st December 2007 at LAL Malta (IELS) Sliema, and was full of useful and practical ideas.  It was a very good turn our with 86 members attending.


Part 1 -  Please teacher, can you explain this grammar to me? 

The way teachers explain grammar will reflect their understanding of what is good for their students. While extended practice is important, the difference between a good grammar presentation and one that has misfired can be the difference between a memorable learning experience and a gentle snooze. In this workshop we looked at a teacher’s toolkit of options for ‘explaining’ or ‘presenting’ grammar.  

Part 2 -  Teacher Burnout 

When I started teaching, I was full of big and noble ideas about what my chosen profession would involve. As the years went by, my feelings and motivation - about teaching, about my students, about English - began to change. I also felt more and more exhausted. Many experienced teachers tell me they have felt the same way. Why is that? Are all teachers destined to burn out at some point? If so, what can we do about it? This talk looked at the causes of, consequences of and possible antidotes to teacher burnout 







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