This seminar/workshop was held at LAL Malta on Saturday 23rd June and attracted a lot of teachers, especially new teachers fresh from their TEFL courses.

* denotes the first time this workshop is being given for MATEFL 

First session - 9.30 - 11.00 

*Lest They Forget! Practical Fun Activities for Recycling and Consolidating - Michelle Caruana 

It is extremely important that we recycle what learners have been taught, in order to consolidate learning and show them that they haven’t been wasting their time, and have actually learned to do something useful with the language. This workshop is aimed at teachers who teach teenagers (although most ideas can be applied to other age groups). After working with a group for some time (say a week), then it’s probably time we focused on recycling what the learners have been taught over the week and how much they’ve learned/internalized. Here you will be shown some practical recycling activities. 


Multiple Intelligences: Science? Claptrap? Whatever - Alan Marsh 

In this seminar I’ll give a brief (promise!) overview of factors that influence our learning (or otherwise) of foreign languages. I’ll then demonstrate some activities, some of which you will enjoy, and others which you won't - depending on your own preferred learning styles and your dominant intelligence type(s). After a brief discussion we'll look at some course materials and see how we can exploit them taking into account intelligence types and learning styles. (This seminar is a repeat of the one at the MATEFL AGM in April 2007) 


*Classroom Management - Jean Sciberras 

Effective classroom management automatically creates a friendly but businesslike classroom atmosphere that is conducive to efficient learning. In this session, for novice teachers and not, Jean will discuss and explore simple but fundamental ways of keeping control in class without losing the human rapport so important for communicative learner-centred teaching. 


Second session - 11.30 - 13.00 

Business Negotiation - Jean Sciberras 

"Don't ever slam a door. You might want to go back in." What elements make a successful negotiation? Many negotiations fail also as a result of inappropriate language used. In a Business English course, what effective negotiation language and tactics can we pass on to our students?" 

*Motivating Teenage Learners - Daniel Mangani 

Learning can be a fun and stimulating experience for young learners. This workshop is designed to illustrate different methods of motivating teenagers to participate in their own learning process. The different activities are aimed at delivering grammar, language, lexis and skills in an exciting and energetic manner. 


*One-to-One: Breaking Through - Alan Marsh 

Some teachers love them, some hate them. Whatever you feel about one-to-one lessons, they form a substantial part of English Language Teaching here in Malta. In this session (which will be mainly geared at pre-intermediate and above) I’ll be sharing some of the conclusions I’ve come to about teaching learners on a one-to-one basis. I’ll also be offering some practical materials, tips and techniques that have worked well for me over the years, and we’ll try some of them out. 





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