The seminar was held on Saturday, 4th April 2009 at IELS, Mattew Pulis Street, Sliema and was very well attended by both new and existing members.

* denotes the first time this workshop was given for MATEFL


First session: 

Angie Conti: Pronunciation: Introducing the phonemic chart *
Pronunciation is one area of teaching which is often neglected, probably due the fact that it is perceived to be difficult. However, it is an area in which learners need guidance. We all know that English is not a phonetic language, which means that looking at the written word often doesn’t help students say


Jean Sciberras: Writing is not just a boring homework activity* 

For many teachers and students, writing lessons have an aura of difficulty, of seriousness.  We'll be looking at some writing activities which can turn writing lessons into enjoyable and satisfying learning experiences. 


Sandra Attard Montalto:Listening – The forgotten or brushed-aside skill

Listening…. Teaching or Testing? Focus on Product or Focus on Process?  If you’ve ever had students whose listening is weak, and you’re not sure how to deal with it, then Sandra will be giving a few tips on how to TEACH the skill rather than just test it.  Contrary to most teachers’ hopes, it won’t be learnt on its own. So how can a teacher input?


Daniel Xerri: Using Literature in the EFL Classroom*

After briefly outlining the benefits of using literature in the EFL classroom and the multiple approaches at the teacher’s disposal, the first part of the workshop is aimed at exploring techniques that may be used in conjunction with readers and literary extracts. The second and third parts of the workshop are aimed at offering the opportunity to the participants of exploring effective strategies that may be used in conjunction with poetry and drama respectively.     By the end of the workshop participants will have acquired deeper insights into innovative and effective ways of using literature in the EFL classroom.

techniques to keep you and your learners going; and as a canapé, there might be some food for thought on offer, too.


Second session:

Jean Sciberras: Using songs in the classroom *

Students love them, they're memorable, they're fun. A complete lesson plan on one (or two songs, time permitting).


Alan Marsh: Bring Back Teacher Talk ...Telling Stories

Teachers on teacher training courses are often urged to cut down their TTT - their Teacher Talking Time. However, TTT can be turned into a powerful classroom teaching/learning technique when it comes to telling stories, jokes and anecdotes. In this session Alan will tell a few, and give you a few tips for doing it in your own classrooms.


Sandra Attard Montalto: Reading using usual Classroom methods – Is it a waste of time?*

Sandra found one particular IATEFL Exeter session provocative and food for thought. Presented by Michael Swan and Catherine Walters, the content helped focus on what might really help students. Sandra will also present some of her ideas on how this could be linked with other skills. Time allowing, part of the session will be devoted to a forum where individuals can express their opinions on the content.

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